Website Creation and Management

Your website is your online business card and probably the first impression you will make in your potential clients.

It used to be that Website Creation was something anyone with the old Coffee Cup software could do. Nowadays good design and bad design can make or break a company. There are psychological triggers, UX optimization, positioning techniques and many more aspects that will greatly influence whether someone will become your client or not.

Not only you need to worry about security, speed, caching, plugins compatibility, backups and customer service, you also need to stay ahead of your game in the ever-changing technology era we live in.

Except, you don’t, with Super Kosher Sites!

That’s right, we take care of all the mumbo-jumbo so you don’t have miss a single word of the Daf Yomi shiur. Can you imagine trying to study while having to think whether your clients can access your website in less than 3 seconds? Because studies show that as we grow more impatient, we have less tolerance to wait for websites to load.

We take care of all hosting aspects making sure your website is running fast, secure and online virtually 100% of the time

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