Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy involves the whole gamut of services ranging from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, E-mail Marketing and Online Advertising.

As it turns out, we just happen to specialize in these three areas, Baruch Hashem!

Finding your clients online is no kid’s game but you came to the right place. According to pretty much all the books about digital marketing websites need to have a proper sales funnel, that usually starts with a Landing Page. The potential client comes to the Landing Page and gets a freebie in exchange for leaving his e-mail there.

Then he receives a series of e-mails that will convert him into an actual sale.

That’s basically how it works, but in order for someone (you!) to be successful, you need a constant flow of potential clients coming in to your website. And that’s where Super Kosher Sites comes in!

We take care of all the client acquisition process, from prospection until closing. We can make effective marketing campaigns either with PPC, E-mail Marketing or Online Ads which will generate a strong flow of leads right into your funnel and nurture them to become your clients.

Our Digital Marketing team is at your disposal to help your online campaign succeed!

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